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College of Mathematics and Information Science

     College of Mathematics and Information Science develops from Mathematical Physics Department of Henan University founded in 1923 and the Mathematics Department of Pingyuan Teachers College founded in 1951. In 1956, the above two departments merged into Mathematics Department of Xinxiang Teachers College, which was renamed as the Mathematics Department of Henan Normal University in 1984. In 2000, it was upgraded as College of Mathematics and Information Science.
For over 80 years, it has trained more than 10,000 students at all levels for the country. All the graduates with solid major knowledge and active in their own work have made great contributions to the country’s educational causes, especially to Henan educational causes. Among them, many are the backbone of our provincial education and are thought highly of by the employing units.
There are Department of System Science and Mathematics, Department of Information and Computational Science, Department of Economic Information Management, Mathematics Research Institute, Non-linear Analysis Research Center and seven teaching and research sections under the college.
Its reference room houses 60,000 books and subscribes to 200 sorts of periodicals and 100 computer sets have been installed in the computer-room. All these are now providing a favorable condition for teaching and research activities. Nowadays, there are 71 teaching staff in the college, among whom 12 are professors, 32 associate professors and 14 possess Doctor’s degree. There are 3 specialities, namely, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Information and Computational Science, and Information Management and Information System. Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Probability Statistics, Computational Mathematics and Theory of Curriculum and Teaching have been authorized to confer Master’s degree, among which Basic Mathematics has been awarded Key Speciality of Henan Province and Applied Mathematics Key Speciality of the university. There are 1,200 students including postgraduates and undergraduates.
In the recent years, a group of young scholars have concentrated themselves on their research work, and have won gratifying success in the fields of Non-linear Partial Differential Equation, HOPF Algebra, Differential Geometry, Operator Theory, Biomathematics, Probability Statistics and Computational Mathematics. They have published more than 300 academic theses in top-level journals both internally and externally. They are undertaking 30 research projects supported by State Natura Science Fund or of provincial level. They have been awarded prizes from the state and the provincal authorities for significant research achievements.
The college of Mathematics and Information Science has made great achievements in the past 80 years. Although the burden is heavy and the road is long, we are filled with boundless confidence to meet the challenges of knowledge-based economy and scale new heights in science and technology.