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College of Life Sciences

    College of Life Sciences develops from Biology Department of Henan University founded in 1923. It is one of the noted colleges and departments with a long history in Henan Province. There are 3 Departments, namely, Biological Science, Biological Technology and Aquaculture. Botany, Zoology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Aquaculture, Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Theory of Curriculum and Teaching have been authorized to confer Master’s degree. Nowadays there are 100 teaching and administrative staff including 15 professors, 30 associate professors and 20 doctors and returned scholars engaged in teaching and scientific research. The college has also invited distinguished experts abroad such as Plantnick, Schrock, Marange and Niu Manjiang, and ten academicians at home such as Xu Zhihong, Zhang Xinshi, Zhai Zhonghe, Yang Xiongli and Sun Ruyong to act as honorary or part-time professors of the college. It has established relations of collaboration in teaching, scientific research and exchanging students with ten universities in USA, Germany, France, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Romania.
There are two lab buildings and Henan Biological Specimen Museum, which is largest in scale and maximum in varieties. The area adds up to 8,000 square meters. Henan Bioengineering Key Lab jointly built by the Province and Ministry and Henan Bioengineering Research Center are both located here. In addition, Zoological Society of Henan Province and Cell Biological Society of Henan Province are also situated here. The college newly bought a large amount of advanced teaching and research equipment and it is the base and cradle of college and middle- school teachers and researchers in life science.
The college has made great achievements in teaching and research. The number of graduating students who take examinations for postgraduate candidates is over 40% steadily, and most of them are enrolled by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University and Xia’men University. A lump–sum employment rate amounted to 90% in 2002 and 2003. The graduates are well welcome by society and employing departments.