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College of Physial Education

    College of Physical Education, founded in 1975, now is one of the colleges and departments which enjoy great popularity and have a long history in Henan Province, . There are 6 teaching and research sections together with modern sports fields and gymnasium such as indoor stadium for ball games, plastic-cemented basketball court and plastic-cemented tennis court. There are two specialties, namely, Physical Education and Athletic Training, for undergraduates and a specialty of Exercise Health Protection and Rehabilitation. Physical Education Pedagogy & Sports Trainology and Sports Science of Humanities have been authorized to confer Master’s degree.
There are over 90 teaching and administrative staff including 30 professors and associate professors, 10 doctors, Master’s degree winner and returned scholars. The teaching staff, with their rich teaching strengths, perfect academic echelon and a reasonable age range, which includes both newly aspiring teachers and experienced ones, form a strong and dedicated unit. The teachers, with their higher academic attainments in the fields of teaching and scientific research, have got great achievements. Since 1997, the college has carried out 6 projects coming form the state or province. At present, it is undertaking 27 scientific research projects, among which, 6 are from the state, 8 are from the province or ministries and 13 are from the city or departments. It has also published 23 monographs, 17 textbooks and 236 academic articles on National CN periodicals including 72 theses on core journals, and 26 items, which were awarded at or above the city level.
In the PE Majors’ Basic Skills Contest hosted by the State Ministry of Education, the college won the 6th place in theoretical knowledge, and English knowledge and Excellent Organization Prize. Many times the college has achieved excellent results in university athletic contests both in and out of the province. The college has also successfully hosted the Fifth National University Students’ Tennis Match and received a high appraisal from other colleges and universities.
In order to strengthen the academic exchanges which other colleges and universities and improve teaching, the college has hosted the national conferences 5 times, sent one abroad for further education and cooperative research and two to give lectures. Besides, the college has invited Ph.D. Supervisor Tian Maijiu, the member of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council; Zhou Xikuan, president of P.E College of Chengdu; Sun Minzhi, Xu Haowen and Wang Yan, the international referees of track and field to act as part-time professors. Over the years, 20% of the graduating students have been enrolled as Master’s degree candidates by the P.E. colleges and key comprehensive universities.