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College of Literature

     The predecessor of College of Literature was Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Pingyuan Teachers' College founded in 1951.There are two Master’s degree granting points: Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature and Theory of Curriculum and Teaching. There are 3 specialities, namely Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Broadcast and TV News. There are also different education levels such as Master of Education Programs, and Master’s Course Class for Advanced Studies. At present, the college has 105 Master’s degree candidates, 1171 undergraduates and over 2500 correspondence students. Modern and Contemporary Literature is one of the excellent courses of Henan Province, while Ancient Literature, Ancient Chinese and Modern Chinese are appraised as the excellent courses of Henan Normal University.
Nowadays there are over 50 teaching and administrative staff, including 7 professors, 11 associate professors and 9 doctors or would-be doctors.
During the recent years, the college teachers have made prominent achievements in teaching and scientific research, among which they have undertaken or carried out 34 scientific research projects above or of the provincial level, and published over 50 textbooks or monographs and over 500 academic theses. 15 teachers have been awarded the teaching results prizes above or the provincial level and Zeng Xianzi Education Fund.
The college boasts favorable conditions for schooling. The reference room, which covers 255 square meters, houses over 40,000 books and 310 sorts of periodicals both at home and abroad. The multi-media classrooms with a series of modern teaching equipment and sets of video resources are provided to teachers and students. To strengthen academic exchanges and make further improvements in schooling, the college has invited senior correspondent of People’s Daily, Xu Fang; the famous linguists Zhang Jing, Wang Ning, Chen Fu; modern literature specialist Liu Zengjie; PhD supervisor Zhan Furui to act as part-time professors. Famous writers such as Liu Zhenyun, Zhang Chengzhi have also been invited to give lectures in succession.
The college adheres to teachers’ education orientation for schooling, pays much attention to competence-orientated education and carries forward the academic atmosphere and discipline of realism and creativity. The college has founded “Trudge Literary Society”, which has periodical publications “Trudge” and “Chinese Forum” for the literary creation and literary criticism respectively to provide the scope of literary practice for student grades to be trained and tested, which has achieved excellent results. The college ranked the second place in Chinese Language and Literature Majors in Provincial-prescribed Standard and won the first prize of literary creation in Henan College Students’ Art Festival for three terms on end. The average production in all kinds of genres per year amounts to 132. Quite a few students took part in the scientific research items hosted by the college teachers, and some even published the academic theses in periodicals. Among all the graduating students 5% were chosen as provincial excellent graduates; 16% were enrolled as Master’s degree candidates by Peking University, Beijing Normal University etc; 10% worked at the college and scientific research units; 8% were engaged in news or administrative management, and most of the graduates became middle-school Chinese teachers. According to the follow-up surveys, 82% have been the backbone of the working units and 30% have been excellent teachers in the county and city, who have made positive contributions to the development of Henan education..