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College of Social Development

    The predecessor of College of Social Development was the History Department of Pingyuan Teachers College. When colleges and departments in Henan Province were adjusted in 1955, the department was merged into the History Department of Henan University. It was reconstructed in Henan Normal University in 1986 and upgraded as College of Social Development in 2003. Now there are 3 departments, 3 sections, 1 institute and 1 library. The college has 3 specialties, namely, History, World History and Tourism Management. There are 3 Mater's degree granting points: Historical Philology, Special History (Chinese Social History) and Theory of Curriculum and Teaching. At present, the college has 650 undergraduates together with over 60 Master's degree candidates. The enrollment rate of the graduating students taking examinations for Master's degree candidates amounted to 33% in 2003 and 95% graduates got their satisfactory jobs.
There are in total 35 teaching and administrative staff, among whom, 16 are associate professors, 9 are supervisors, 2 are doctors, 11 are studying for Doctor's degree, 1 is post doctor, and 11 possess Mater's degree. The college has invited well-known scholars at home such as Li Xueqin, Nan Bingwen, Peng Lin, Dong Zhenghua, Wang Jiafan, Wang Tiezheng and Qiao Zhizhong to act as part-time professors. So the college has a teacher’s contingent with young age and energy, rational fabric, unity and realism and being bold in making innovations.
Since its reconstruction, 3 courses have been appraised as provincial and university excellent courses; the college teaches have won Zeng Xianzi Prizes granted by the National Eduation Fund and 13 university excellent teaching results prizes; the college has undertaken 22 projects coming from National Social Sciences Fund. In addition, the teachers have published 100 monographs, textbooks and reference books, and 500 academic theses, among which 200 are reprinted or extracted by Xinhua Digest, Abstracts of Liberal Arts Journals of Colleges and Universities and Xeroxed Newspapers and Periodicals of People's University.