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Law Department

       On the basis of law teaching research section of Political Education Department and public law teaching and research section of Political Theory Department. The Department of Law was established. In 1991, it began to enroll adult correspondences in law major; in 1995, it began to enroll full-time students in specialized subject; in 1999, it began to enroll full-time undergraduates in law specialty. Up to now, there have been four terms of undergraduates studying here, and the number amounts to 500. Law Department is based on law and incorporates teaching into scientific research. There are 6 teaching and research sections: Civil Commercial Law, Jurisprudence, Science of Criminal Law, Science of Procedural Law, Science of Economic Law and Internal Laws teaching and research sections. Law is an applied discipline and simulated court rehearsal is a requisite teaching practice link for law majors. According to the law characteristics, under the energetic support of the university leaders, the department spent 10,000 RMB buying a sort of advanced teaching equipment and set up a formal and modern simulated court with special course videos. It is believed, with its full use in teaching procedures, that simulated court will be an attractive landscape of our university teaching reform.
Since its establishment, the department has turned out 650 full-time students and 3000 correspondence students. The first class of undergraduates graduated in 2003. The number of the first class of graduates added up to 83, among whom, 12 were enrolled as Master's degree candidates constituting 20% of the students who took the examinations.
The department attaches a great deal of attention to students' management and makes students' social practice rich and colorful. The department always stands in the front row in sports and calligraphy contests organized by the university. The department students have done well in the National University Games during the recent years. During national "12·4"" propaganda for popularizing an elementary knowledge of law, the college students give full play to their own specialized advantages, to send the law knowledge to the countryside and factories and make the activity vivid and spirited, which has aroused widespread concern of newspapers and television stations and exerted a tremendous influence in and out of the university.