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College of Physics and Information Engineering

     College of Physics and Information Engineering grows out of the Mathematical Physics Department of Henan University founded in 1923 and the Physics Department of Pingyuan Teachers College founded in 1951. In 1956, the two departments were incorporated and came into the Department of Physics of Henan Normal University. Later, it was upgraded as College of Physics and Information Engineering of Henan Normal University. Now it is one of the distinguished colleges and departments with a long history in Henan Province. The college now offers three specialities, (Physics Department, Department of Electronic Information Engineering and Department of Educational Technology) and two institutes (Theoretical Physics Research Institute and Applied Physics Institute). There are 62 professors and associate professors, 26 doctors and returned scholars. Among them, 6 have been awarded the title of provincial excellent experts, 8 as provincial core teachers of the young and middle-aged, and 4 as academic leading figures or would-be leading figures; 5 specialists enjoy special allowance given by the state government and 3 are winners of Zeng Xianzi National Education Fund. As many as 21 distinguished scientists such as J. G. Bednoz, a famous Nobel Prize winner; Chinese American professor Yang Binglin; Feng Rui, the academician of CAS, have been invited to act as honorary or part-time professors of the college. Five disciplines, namely, Theoretical Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics,Theory of Curriculum and Teaching on Physics, Physics Education, have been authorized to confer Master’s degree. Theoretical Physics has been defined as one of the key disciplines of Henan Province while Atomic and Molecular Physics and Condensed Matter Physics have been defined as one of the key disciplines of Henan Normal University, and they are cooperating with other colleges and universities to train doctors. There have been over 460 students enrolled as Doctor’s degree or Master’s degree candidates by Tsinghua University, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1990. 40% of the students are taking examinations for Master's degree candidates, and 30% of graduating students are taking examinations for Doctor's degree candidates. Most of the graduates are well welcome by society and employing departments or have became the backbone of the employing departments.
During the recent years, their scientific findings in the field of theory of physics have been greatly valued by the same occupation and have won many favorable comments. The college has now undertaken 63 projects, some of which came from the State Naturnal Science Fund, the State Climbing Program and Provincial Natural Science Fund. Over 28 items of applicative results were appraised, and 44 items won the state and provincial award. 680 theses have been published in the famous journals at home and abroad.
The college continuously strengthens the academic exchanges with universities and institutes of foreign countries. It maintains academic exchanges and collaboration with ten universities abroad and many universities and institutes at home. The college successfully hosted ICSC-CYS-VI and the Tenth National Atomic and Molecular Conference, which were reported by CCTV and People’s Daily and given much attention by the academic circle at home and abroad.