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Welcome to Henan Normal University!
Economics and Management College

       Economics and Management, which applies economics and management to each other, is full of life and vigor. There are four departments, namely, Department of Industrial and Commercial Management, Economics Department, Marketing Department and Department of International Economy. Industrial Economics and Political Economics have been authorized to confer Master’s degree, among which Political Economics is the key course of the university. The college has 4 specialties: industrial and commercial management, marketing, economics, and international economy and trade. Four disciplines (economic management and trade, marketing, industrial and commercial management and electronic commerce) enroll the three-year students.
The college has 35 teaching staff, among whom 19 are professors and associate professors, 11 are supervisors, and 24 are returned scholars or possess Doctor’s or Master’s degree. The teachers keep forging ahead and have made prominent achievements in imparting knowledge and educating students, teaching reform and management. Since 1990, 2 teachers have been awarded National Excellent Teachers, 1 has won Zeng Xianzi National Education Fund, 2 has been awarded Henan Excellent Teachers, 1 has been awarded Henan Excellent Young Experts for social science, and 3 are Henan Excellent Young Core Teachers. In order to improve teaching and scientific research, the college has also invited famous economists both at home and abroad such as Wei Xinghua, Zhang Zhuoyuan, Hong Yinxing, Xu Guihua, Shi Lei and Yang Chengxun to act as part-time professors.
In recent years, the collage has undertaken nearly 50 scientific research projects, among which, 8 were from National Social Sciences Fund, 6 were from Humanities and Social Science Fund supported by Ministry of Education, 12 were from Provincial Social Sciences Fund, and over 20 were from the Education Department of Henan Province. 9 monographs have been published by Economy and Science Publishing House.More than 280 theses have been published, among which over 100 were included by national core periodicals, over 60 were digested by Literal Arts Journals of collages and universities or xeroxed by Xeroxed Newspapers and Periodicals of People's University and 10 were awarded as provincial and ministerial scientific research prizes. Nowadays the collage has formed its own characteristics in the fields of economics, business management, marketing and international economics.
The graduates of our college have an excellent quality. Over the two years, 20 students have been enrolled as postgraduate’s candidates by Peking University, People’s University of China, Fudan University and Zhejiang University. The enrollment rate of graduating students who take examinations for postgraduate’s candidates amounts to 20%.