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Welcome to Henan Normal University!
College of Continuing Education

   Henan Normal University is one of the key University directly under the provincial government. It is situated in Xinxiang, a famous city in North Henan, which is at the junction of the Beijing-Guangzhou, Taiyuan-Heze Railways. On the campus, birds sing and flowres give forth fragrance, green grass and trees decorate the university well and add special beauty to the university. It is a dreamland for the students who have made their minds to further their study.
In the past 80 years after its founding, the university has grown into a comprehensive normal university with complete subjects and courses. There are now 12 colleges, 6 independent departments and 41 majors of undergraduate courses, 13 research institutes, 38 Master's degree granting points and 7 provincial key subjects. The university also has Environmental Key Laboratory of Higher Education in Henan province, Provincial Training Base and Technology-Supporting Unit of Across-century Gardeners Projects, Teachers Training Center of Henan colleges and Universities, and Biological Specimen Museum of Henan Province, which is largest in scale and maximum in verities. Covering an area of 700,000 square meters with a floor space of 400,0000 square meters, it boasts a library with a collection of 1.55 million books and over 3600 varieties of periodicals in Chinese or foreign languages and electronic editions. There is a teaching and administrative staff of 1700, of whom 1375 are professional technologists including 2 academicians of CAS, 107 professors, 343 associate professors and 562 lecturers. There are more than 15,000 postgraduates and undergraduates and 11,000 students of adult education as well as over 70 foreign students.
Henan Normal University began to offer adult higher education as early as in 1958, which was one of the earliest colleges and universities verified by the State Ministry of Education. The predecessor of College of Continuing Education was the Correspondence Department founded in 1984. With the development of adult education, the College of Adult Education was founded in 1986, which was renamed as College of Continuing Education in December, 2000.
Since conducting adult education, with the backing of rich teachers resources, rich teaching and scientific research recourses and favorable conditions for schooling, the college has trained 3,000 professional talents in many fields, and 26,000 qualified graduates in the four-year and three-year programs, which was well received by the Education Commission of Henan Province and employing units and enjoyed a high social prestige. It was entitled as "Advanced Schooling Organization" in 1992, and "Excellent School of Adult Higher Education Evaluation" in 1997. In 1998, it was authorized to confer bachelor’s degree to adult education undergraduates by the State Ministry of Education.
During the process of over 40 years' schooling, the college has been insisting on the purpose of "Teaching Quality First, Social Prestige First" and serving the society, exploring the rules of adult education actively and accultimating rich teaching and management experience fit for the continuing education features. It has formed teachers-education and multi-leveled, multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-form schooling pattern such as higher adult education, higher education examination programme for the self-taught and on-the-job training. Its majors entail literature and history, science and engineering, P.E, arts, foreign languages, finance and economics, law and computer. There are three schooling levels (special-training, undergraduates and reeductated undergraduates and three studying forms (mid-career study, half-released from work for study and amateur). There are more than 70 major levels in all fields.
At present, there are 20 teaching and administrative staff, among who, 4 possess senior tiles and 10 possess intermediate titles together with 11,000 students on the school roll and 5,000 mid-term and short-term students for provincial core teachers training, city core teachers training and industrial and commercial management training.
With the strong studying atmosphere, elegant campus environments and teaching media, it's becoming the dreamland for the students in and out of the Henan Province to further their education and realize their dreams.