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College of Politics and Management Science

   The predecessor of the College of Politics and Management Science was Political Science Department (founded in 1980) and Institute of Science-Technology and Society (founded in 1986). Under it, there are Department Ideological and Political Education, Department of Politics and Administration Management and Institute of Science-Technology and Society. There are also 5 teaching and research sections, namely philosophy teaching and research sections, politics teaching and research sections, law teaching and research sections, ideological and political education teaching and research sections and management teaching and research sections, together with 3 research rooms, namely, science-technology and society research room, scientometrics and scientific and technological management research room and science-technology philosophy research room. The college has 3 specialties: Ideological and Political Education, Politics and Administration, and Administrative Management. Science-Technology Philosophy and Ideological and Political Education have been authorized to confer Master's degree among which Science-Technology philosophy is the key discipline in Henan Province.
Nowadays there are 500 undergraduates, 36 Master's degree candidates and over 200 on-the-job Master's degree candidates. There are in total 42 teaching and admistrative staff, among whom 6 are professors, 17 associate professors, 17 lectures, 2 assistants, 7 doctors( including those studing for Doctor's degree); and 23 possess Master's degree. The teaching staff, with their rich teaching strenghs, perfect academic echelon and a reasonable age range which includes newly aspiring teachers and experienced ones, form a strong and dedicated unit.
There is one multi-media classroom and computer room. The reference room houses over 280 periodicals both at home and abroad. In the college library, there are 30,000 books. The college pays much attention to academic exchanges and cooperation and has usually invited famous scholars at home and abroad to give lectures. The college has invited Peking University professors Huang Nansen, Chang Zhishang, Ren Dingcheng, Wu Guosheng; Nankai University professors, Liu Junjun, Chen Yanqing; Party School of the Center Committe of Communist Party of China professor Han Qingxiang; Dalian University of Technology professoor Liu Zeyuan,Tsinghua University professor Zeng Guoping; the researcher of Teaching and Research Institute of Center Committee Jiang Guohua; the researcher of Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jin Bihui and the researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Wang Jiafu to act as part-time professors. International famous sientometrics expert H. Kreschmer from Berlin Freedom University in Germany and the awardee of International Sciencemetrics Derek de Solla Price Medal in 2001, Profeesor R. Rousseau from Department of Industrial Scientics and Technoogy of Belgium to act as honorary professors of our college and both of them have successively come to our college to give lectures or done cooperative research.