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Department of Fine Arts

    The Department of Fine Arts (formerly a specialty in the Art Department) was established in 1986. Thanks to the support and concern of a leading body at a higher level and the joint efforts and hard working of the department teachers, it has developed into 3 specialties: Fine Arts, Art Designing and Drawing Art. Since 2004, it has been authorized to confer Master's degree to those who are studying Fine Arts Education. The construction of disciplines is now beginning to take shape.
Under it, there are 4 teaching and research sections for western painting, Chinese painting, art designing and theory and 5 laboratories for computer designing, sculpture, photography, education with electronically audio-visual aids, and metal carpentry. The reference room houses 20,000 books and 30 varieties of newspapers, journals and magazines. The well-equipped facilities make sure the smooth development of teaching and scientific research activities.
There are 46 teaching and administrative staff working in the department, among whom, 3 are professors, 8 associate professors, 14 lecturers; and 9 possess Doctor's or Master's degree or have postgraduate academic certificates. For many years, the department teachers have perfectly accomplished their teaching tasks, at the same time, made great achievements in scientific research. They have published 30 theses or works on all kinds of academic periodicals, and 20 monographs, textbooks or albums of paintings, and undertaken 15 projects of or above the provincial level, among which 10 are awarded by the state, province or ministries, 100 paintings and designing works are selected by large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, 10 works are collected by International Olympic Museum, Art Gallery of China or other institutions. In addition, there are 3 members of Fine Arts Association of China, and 11 members of Fine Arts Association of Henan Province.
There are over 580 undergraduates and 800 adult education students. During the 17 years from its establishment, the department has turned out 1500 qualified graduates for the society.
The regular practice of the department is good; the teachers are noted for their meticulous scholarship and the students study very hard. The teachers and students in the department open up and keep forging ahead and work hard in order to lay a good foundation for the future department. With the joint efforts the department teachers and students, the department will have a brighter future and be the key basis for training senior qualified personnel of fine arts education, fine arts creation and art designing in Henan Province.