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Music Department

    Music Department (formerly a specialty in the Art Department founded in 1993) was established in 1996 under approval of the Education Commission of Henan Province. Under the wise leadership of the university leaders, it has developed into the important base for training music talents and received a positive evaluation from the society.
The department has vocal music teaching and research section, dance teaching and research section, piano teaching and research section, theory teaching and research section musical instrument teaching and research section; it also has laboratories of digital piano, visual and studio appreciation, and chorus master, and rehearsal hall and concert hall. All of these can completely meet the needs of teaching and art practice of Music Department. The reference room houses 30,000 books and 20 varieties of periodicals both at home and abroad, more than 2000 sheets of audio-visual materials, and 10,000 internal and external musical works of famous singers, conductors,virtuosi and philharmonic orchestra at different historic stages, which ensure the smooth development of teaching and scientific research activities.
There are 3 specialties, namely, Music, Music Performance and Dance, and 400 undergraduates in the department. There is a well-qualified, experienced and energetic teaching and administrative contingent. Nowadays the department has 41 teaching and administrative staff, among whom, 10 has associate professor above titles, 12 have lecturer titles and 4 possess Mater's degree.
Over the recent years, the department has undertaken 18 projects at provincial level, and published 22 textbooks and monographs and over 100 theses on academic journals at or above the provincial level. The department teachers have held 10 concerts. Nearly 20 teachers have taken part in grand performances of CCTV and Henan Music Works' Examination and Appraisal.
The music building, which covers 9,000 square meters of floor space has come into use. In the music building, there are all kinds of fields going for modern music teaching and various teaching facilities, which provide excellent environments for the education and teaching activities of the department.
At present, the whole department teachers are taking a high-spirited postures and full of boundless confidence to walk into a brighter future